Monthly Archives: January 2011

just words to start it off…

Soul of a writer
Heart of a lion
Skin made of silk
Mind of a warrior

I am Liberatedee

For so long I have trapped myself behind the fear…the fear of failing but I forgot…its better to fail from trying then failing to try at all.

I keep my heart open & my mind free
I speak my mind but stay close to myself
I walk against the crowd but I keep up with times
I’m alone in this world, surrounded by many.

I am the Anti-Social

I don’t depend on other’s for anything. I am on a journey of something bigger than life. Yes I keep to myself that way no one can take my secrets & use my pride.

This is MY blog. I am not looking for acceptance…I just want you to enjoy. I just want you to learn. I just want you to laugh. I just want you think outside the box….Those are the things I want you to take with you when you read a post or type in my url….

Enjoy & Blessed