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The Game Changers PT.2

Earlier this month I wrote about The Game Changers: Janelle Monae, Estelle, Lupe Fiasco and B.o.B.
Here is part 2… With “Black History Month” being almost over I dont know if there will be a part 3…4… but I think this should an on-going thing, maybe switching up the artist. I think that would be pretty cool!


What lies behind an Ad??..

Doing what I do EVERY morning.. looking over various sites to see what’s up in the news and stumbled upon this! (via

When I read this all I could do is put my hand to my mouth and read it over and over and over again. I just could not believe what I was seeing.
After I thought about it this quote popped into my head:
   “What is it about my skin tone that gives “others”the right to make a mockery of me?”
Looking at this ad of course we want to say a white person probably did this, especially because it is placed in SOHO,The reality of it all we did this to our self. African-American Pastor Stephen Broden decided to strategically” place this ad in one of the busiest locations in New York City.  Read the press release about the ad here .
I am VERY curious as to how other races view this billboard……
I can understand his message because African-American abortion rates are so high but the delivery could have been a lot better especially coming from a PASTOR. We dont think about how we look in the hindsight of things. This ad is offensive and if my child were used for the ad I would DEMAND it be taken down immediately. Our rates may be higher but abortion is abortion and whether you are red, yellow, pink or green you should attack the act (abortion) as whole not single out a race! Funny how we never want the race card to be played but we are main ones dealing them out.
Abortion is bad but when an African-American does it, its worst!
Stealing is bad but when an African-American does it, its worst!
Killing is bad but when an African-American does it, its worst!
How come everything we do is automatically called out and shunned upon?  Even when we are wealthy and successful they will find some way to, or at least try to, keep us down… ask Mike Vick!
I am no advocate for abortion for many reasons. I do however believe that as a woman only you can decide what’s right and wrong for you at that time. Can you afford a child? Can you support the child? Are you parent material (because a lot of mothers are NOT capable of being mothers)? Once you are a parent you are one for LIFE, it does not stop after the child turns 18 so it is a decision that should be well thought out, BUUUUT you also should think about your actions BEFORE hand and be responsible before laying down!
Knowing that an African-African American Pastor in his own right stands behind this I dont know or understand how we as a people plan to move forward when in the bigger picture  WE are pushing ourselves back. We are under a microscope and the things we do (and don’t do) are constantly on someone’s detector. How long are we going to blame every other race for our problems? What about our actions? What are we doing that we should/need to change? We need to think back to slavery and civil rights error when we STOOD TOGETHER and brought ourselves out of those situations but we are too busy thinking we are free…
I still stand firmly behind my quote because “others” is meant for you to take it as you want it….

Why Blackface??

To celebrate its 90th Anniversary French Magazine, L’Officiel, has Beyonce’ gracing the the cover! However inside the magazine Beyonce’ is covered in what they are calling “blackface” but its not your typical tar black face and red lips.
This issue is suppose  to honor Nigerian musician and human rights Activist Fela Kuti. But this has many wondering how is this issue paying any kind of homage or respect to Fela if they have her in “blackface” and have no Nigerian females in the article playing the part of the African Queen…

HmmmMm I can’t say that I hate it, but I can’t say that I love it. I dont think the actual images are disturbing but I do think using the term “blackface” is just.. WRONG! I think that if her entire body was covered in brown paint it would have meant so much more, people would actually look at it in different light. I dont think that Beyonce’ meant any harm or offense to anyone, she looks up to Fela Kuti, but I do think that there should have been better direction with the shoot. I don’t think this was a wise decision, yes its Art.. we should embrace that aspect of it but I think if her entire body was covered in brown paint it would have been a lot more Artistic!
Husband, Shawn ‘Jay-z’ Carter, is one of the producers’ of the Broadway show Fela. Unfortunately Fela premiered its last Broadway performance in January 2011, it will be in the UK for 6 weeks during the summer. Lets hope that it comes back to the US for a while I would love to see it!

Free Day Monday!

Soooo we meet again but this time on a different note because it’s NO WORK! 🙂

As always I anticipate days like this, the paid day off and as always it doesn’t go as I expected it to or how I want it to *sigh* but I am blessed to see it….

I hope everyone has a beautiful day!

A true quote…

“Sometimes we have to forget what we feel and realize what we deserve”

I read this tweet on twitter today and it was crazy because just last night my friend and I was discussing relationships and knowing what you want (in a person and relationship).

I think we tend to hold on to situations, people, or things in fear of becoming uncomfortable or failure. Our hearts tend to have a hold on us that we can not always (if ever) control, but when do you realize that your feelings are not in your best interest?

Its a hard thing to do but at times the best way to help your feelings is to cut them off. When I say cut them off I don’t mean stop caring but shift gears and put YOUR HAPPINESS FIRST! It may seem selfish but if your selflessness is being taken for granted or advantage of.. you have to LET IT GO!

Letting go is the harder than getting hurt but once you finally feel the freedom and the happiness of YOU… its all worth it.. I PROMISE! Once you let go of the hurt and pain.. the sunshine appears and the goodness you deserve will too…

What do you deserve that you KNOW you are not receiving?


Healthy Sacrifice…

For the past couple of weeks I have read many articles about relationships, not just relationships in general but relationships in the African-American community. We are not lasting and there has to be some specific reason(s) as to why!But what are they?

Within every relationship, whether it is friendship…family… or lovers there will be battles… there will be disagreements…and there will be times when you just don’t know what’s going on… LIFE!

How much, or what, are you willing to compromise in relationships?

This is just my personal opinion but every (type of) relationship needs compromise from BOTH ends. I have watched relationships from family and friends and it seems that most arguments stem from relationships not being able to put ones selfishness aside and come to a mutual consensus or not allowing themselves to forfeit their personal wants or needs for their partner (every once in a while).

I hate when I hear people saying, “Well I don’t like to do that!” ok understandable but if you love your partner… shouldn’t you take the time out to like what they love? I am sure it will not hurt to take an hour or two to go see a play, visit the museum, or watch a game on TV. You should feel honored; privileged that they want YOU to share those things with.

I have always been the one who compromised in my relationships. There were plenty things that I did with my significant others that I couldn’t stand(!), but the love I had for them was much bigger than one day of doing something that was just not my cup of tea.

Recently someone very special to me said, “I hate wine but I know you love it, so I will go (wine tasting) with you.” Doesn’t seem like much to the outside world but it meant so much to me! Wine tasting is something I have always wanted to do but not necessarily with my friends, more so on a date *sigh* but of course all that I have encountered didn’t like wine…and had no thoughts of compromising so of course we never went…

No matter how big or small the compromise is, it’s the thought and willingness that matters..

Compromising is a healthy sacrifice that we should all take the time out to do… think about how much you could get out a relationship if you took the time out and enjoy (or grin and bear)what your significant other loves to do!

I’m not saying this is not an issue that all couples have, regardless of race, but I do feel we, as African-Americans, are less likely to compromise, for anything.. in our personal lives, work, etc and it may not be such a bad thing  but sometimes we need to look at the bigger picture of things.

How do our actions in relationships affect situations in our every day lives? (to be continued…..)



My Friday Crush…

When I saw this picture I did NOT have any idea who it was or even who it could be.. Does she look familiar to you!?
I’ll wait….. *jeopardy music*
Exactly… Its Bria, Eddie Murphy’s daughter! This picture was taken from Designer Stacy Igel’s “Boy Meets Girl” fashion show.
She just a beaut! I had to Especially because I was not expecting her to be who she is…
PS.. I WANT THAT DRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe our hearts knew

It was a time when love was past tense…
When I didn’t understand what it was 
I know I’ve felt it
But how could something so beautiful cause me so much pain
How could it hurt me so bad?
This four letter word raped my heart
It took no mercy or shame on me
I held it with care but it still went against me
What have I done wrong to it besides love it back?
Dressed in a disguised it smiled at me…
Made me feel good….
So good that i let it back in..
Just to hurt me again…
My tears turned to stress to sleepless nights
Thinking I was just not good enough for this
That I could never please it or make it happy
Just when I got tired of running…
When I threw in the towel
I sat down and looked up…
There was you…
With the same hurt I was feeling
With the same fake smile I was wearing
With the same doubt I was having
About to walk away from it all…
But there was something keeping our hearts afloat
When we didn’t have the strength to move our bodies
Our hearts had the power to beat on..
It was something we could see..
Something our minds just did not know..
Our bodies could not feel it…
But somehow our hearts knew…
 – Liberatedee

its… frrrrriiiiiiiiiiiidddddaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy

The weekend has arrived again! Yeah most people are excited about it, but I never really am because while most are  maxing and relaxing, I’m working! But I am blessed and thankful! This is a “long” weekend so at least I will be able to enjoy Monday.. laying in the bed ALL day.. I have no desire to do anything, and that’s a whole 3 days away…lol.
Well I hope everyone gets to enjoy the beautiful weather… 

I am just in this mood today! I could use a window seat.. I thought this was very befitting as today being Friday! Be free and Live life…. Enjoy folks!

Happy Love Day to My Love

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