Its the first of the month…February ONE!

Its February 1st! Already….it seems like I was just saying “Happy New Year” awaiting for what the year will bring. We are still on the surface of the year but its definately looking promising :).

New Day.New month.New Goals.New Blessings!

With the coming of a new month I like to sit down an reflect. “What do I want to change? What accomplishments need to be made? Am I happy?” Are just a few questions I like to ask. Also with that I sit down & write my goals for the month. I personally think that you should have no less than 5 things you want/need to accomplish every month, but don’t over do it. For February I have a total of 13 goals. As I complete them I will cross them off. I will not become discouraged if I do not complete everything on my list. I just move them into next month, but I make sure I complete the majority!

Take the time out to do the same! The first day of every month or the night before write down your goals & make a to-do list daily. Some things are easier to grab when they are written in black & white…

Enjoy & be Blessed


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