My Inspiration Today…

It is the size of one’s will which determines success.

I must admit that I woke up on the WRONG side of the bed this morning. My hair was a mess, I couldn’t find my hat, my favorite coat is no longer in my possession.. I was just a royal wreck. Every moring when I come into work I check necolebitchie’s blog site just to see whats going on. But this morning I was cleaning out my (work) emal  nbox from missing two days of work and the more I read the more frustrated I became. The last couple weeks I’ve figured out some changes I had to make in my schooling career, and though i’m looking for new employment today was the icing on the red velvet cup cake.

After I read my emails, I started looking for journalism based jobs in the Washington, Dc area. Unfortunately with my lack of experience in the field I didnt see myself getting to far which was discouraging but I continued to search. I came across one job that will get my foot in the door and put some experience on my resume (prayers & fingers crossed). After about an hour I logged back on Necolebitchie. I’m scrolling… Mariah & Nick Connon are having a boy & a girl.. NEXT… J cole celebrated is 26th birthday… NEXT…. A message from Terrance J.. I stopped and began reading:

“Today is a new day. A new opportunity to follow your dreams. Take advantage of this blessing. Take that leap. Whatever your dream is, you have to step towards it. The more steps you take the more the universe will conspire to assist you… If you want to run a label, quit your job at the bank & ntern at a label. If you want to be a doctor, apply to school today, etc. I wanted to act, so every week I would go to acting school for 14 hours, study film & actors, read about projects, etc. Once I took steps, roles came.”-Terrance J

A girl replied, how can I pay my bills if I quit my job to follow my dreams? – when following your dreams you will be temporarily inconvenienced. Tyler Perry was HOMELESS years before becoming a MILLIONAIRE. Only you can determine the amount of sacrifice your dreams are worth.

Before 106 I had a job making 30k but I wasnt happy. I quit. Moved to NY, worked small jobs to get by, & lived @FredWhit FLOOR 8 MONTHS! I just meet so many people that want to reach their goals & then complain when i sounds hard! Go watch Pursuit of Happiness Everybody has a different story. U may have kids mortgage, bills, etc. But God is powerful. There is always a way to follow your dreams.”

This definitley turned on  the light for me. I love it when I stumble across situations that mirror what I am going through. Its all making sense. You have to sacrifice to acheive your dream. Though I have ALWAYS felt without sacrifce or struggle you can not succeed, reading this shed light on what I have to do!

Remember you can find inspiration in the oddest places and in the simpliest things….dont be afraid to search! I am starting a new moto to follow:

“The biggest failure is letting fear conguer your dream”-liberatedee

Let today be the first day of a fresh start! Take that first step even you cant see the staircase. Have failth in YOU and your higher power. When you have faith even if you fall someone will be there to catch you..

Enjoy & be Blessed


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