s..s..s..s and m..m..m..m

Rihanna – S&M from Aimar Uribarri on Vimeo.

Anyone who knows me  knows that I have sex crush on Rihanna..lol When I first heard the song S&M, #1 on her Loud album, I loved it immediately!

When I say sex crush I’m not saying that I just want to engage in sexual actives with her, its basically an admiration. I admire how edgy and free spirited she is and how she embraces her sex.  The confidence 😉

I dig the fact it was a typical video for the song. When you listen to it the vision in your head is sex, leather ,toys and chains but the video is quite the opposite.

Don’t get me wrong it has its edginess and I did see the sex..lol but it was not overly dark nasty sexed out. It was playful and colorful.

I love a director who is versatile and I get that impression from Director Melina Matsoukas  (who also directed Go Hard & Rockstar 101). I can’t line her videos up and say they have the same look, feel or direction. Not saying its a bad thing but it gets a little redundant and boring when you can look at a video and tell immediately who it was directed by.


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