A Dedication: Poem

You are my drink of choice,
My moment of rejoice,
I’ll indulge in the taste of you,
Sipping every ounce,
Spilling nothing,
Enjoying every bit,
There is no way to repeat you,
Or to repeat this process,
Your name is my prescription,
Your heart is my infection,
Your soul is my Doctor,
I asked that you take care of me,
Nurse my bumps, my bruises
Ice my burns,
And love my heartache.
I am who I am because of the people who raised me and where I came from,
I love you for the person you are, who raised you, and where you came from.
Now I promise to love you for who you are to me and how you brought me up from the bottom.
I’m at the top with my MUSE,
With our future being our sky,
Nothing is the limit,
We are the birds who fly below the clouds,
Basking in the glory of our past,
Embracing everything that we have,
Life is to short,
I’m glad I didn’t let my bird fly pass 🙂

When I read this my heart dropped! Unfortunately I did not have the honor of writing this I did however have the pleasure of reading it. Its simply a poem dedicated to someone special from someone special!

“I got you!”

Enjoy & be Blessed.

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