My Inspiration for the day:

“Just because you think you deserve it doesn’t mean they are going to give it to you. You have you fight for it!”

When I heard this quote on the radio this morning I began to think about my situation and those amongst me. There are so many things we want, we put in the work, for something we know we deserve it but we never receive that gift. What are we doing wrong? We are giving up on the fight, losing the desire to really TAKE what is ours.

When I got to my desk I wrote the quote down in my journal and a new picture popped in my head, my ancestors. For so long they were raped, beaten, and told they did not belong here, but they knew. They knew that this land was theirs, so they fought. Just imagine if they did not fight, where would be? If they were not extremely determined to take what was rightfully theirs. If they would’ve sat back and let people rape and steal from them….

African-Americans are mentally strong & brave people.. but some where along the lines we gave up the fight! 😦 I just pray that we wake up soon before we REALLY lose it all.

Enjoy & be Blessed!

You made me….


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