A day with no phone…

*sigh* So I left my phone at home today (not on purpose) and as soon as I realized it,I went into a panic! I checked my purse…nothing.. went back to my car…nothing.. checked my coat pockets…nothing & checked my purse again.. NOTHING.

My immediate reaction when I noticed the reality that I will be phone less, out-of-reach, disconected was UGGGGGGGGGGHHHH (is that even a real emotion? lol) almost 10 hours out my 24 hours actually more like 18 because I have to sleep with out my phone seemed like the hardest thing ever.

Of course I’ve had my moments when I didnt want to be bothered so I turned my phone off..but that was at my own discretion.. I controlled that!

As the 6th hour approaches of my 10 phone less hours I realized that.. I really dont care…I am fine with out reading every text…I am fine with missing a few calls… I am fine not twatching (lol)… Its ok!

We live in a time where technology and social networks have consumed us.

Sometimes you have you let yourself be missed.. whether it me via text, call or physically… it is never a bad thing… I am on a technical break..my mind is breathing..

but I am missing someone.. *blush*


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