“As I sit here thinking; she’s the conversation of my thoughts.”

So its February and during this month one day is bigger then the rest. Can anyone guess what day that is? Come on everyone raise your hands. Don’t be shy. You right there, no not you, You 2 rows back from the 3rd row, 5 chairs down to the left, sitting in chair 45. Yes YOU!! Do you know the answer? “Valentine’s Day?” CORRECT!! Valentine’s Day.

Now me being me i’m not really a “fan” of such days, but this year is different. Whats different you ask? The clear difference is the woman I love. My Queen, My Goddess, My MUSE. She never experience and all out Valentine’s Day and because of that lone fact i’m giving her EXACTLY want she want, HER DAY!! Many people will say “Well if your not into celebrating such a moment, why are you doing so now”. This answer is for everyone who believe i’m being a hypocrate. I hate the question, but the crazy thing is I love giving the answer. As i’ve stated before my woman is my Queen. Now when you have a Queen, its YOUR duty to make her happy and keep her happy. This is me doing just that. If I could give my Sweetheart the world she would have that ten times over. Does she deserve it? I’m going to answer Yes, but the true answer is bigger then such a simply reply.

I have the ulitmate gift, the ultimate catch, the ulitmate prize, the Woman who heart matches my souls desire. Words can not express the power of our bond, our relationship. I wake up every morning with a smile the size of the Nile River on my face because of her beautiful being. Am I boasting? I believe I am. Am I praising her? Every single day. Am I blessed? Beyond a doubt.

You notice that when you words are created you begin with a single letter followed by proceeding letters? Every letter that’s following the first letter in each word in this post I AM that letter. She’s the H to my E which is followed by her A so i’m her R and she’s my ending T. I promise to make her everyday Valentine’s Day just because she is my logo. (The typical logo for Valentine’s day is a Heart and she’s my logo)

*This post is for the author of this blog, who is the author of my unwritten stories involving the many blogs of my soul. I GOT YOU*



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