Unisex Fragrance?

I am an advocate fro couples working together, making a brand and building a foundation however this unisex fragrance I am not too sure about. Lamar & Khole Odom are coming out with a unisex fragrance called Unbreakable on February 12th (just in time for valentines day…a wise business choice..I must say). I could be wrong or just late but I have never heard of a fragrance that was for both women and men. I think that would make for an interesting scent. I am anticipating trying  the fragrance at my local department sore via tester bottle (lol). Women and Men’s fragrances are so different, I am curious to see how they came to a final decision on this one!

Things got cheesy when I saw the Ad… as I said before I am a fan of couples making a brand but this ad would have been way better if they weren’t the models. I think it would’ve made it  a bit more sexier. With them on the ad its showing that sappy, mushy love that most people hate (lol), its not sexy in the least bit. It’s just screams cheese balls….


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