Face The Mirror

Only I have to look in that mirror
When I walk past no one know the lies
but me
I stare and  I smile…
so my mind begins to race
as the thoughts become more clear
tears roll down my face
I am ashamed for what I have done
I build myself up as this person I should be
Little do they know I have nothing
No love from them or to myself…
from myself
I paint a picture of confidence like I am the best in the room
but deep down inside I hope no on looks at me
what if they notice that I not all I am cracked up to be
that my closet is not full of labels
that my neighborhood is not the best
that my bank account is empty
that my bills are always late
that my definition for love is sex
So I hide…
I hide behind a mask full of deceit and lies
to build myself up
but i am falling short
I want you to love me
but I act careless as if I don’t
When I am surrounded by many
I feel like the only one
You want to be just like me
but you don’t know who I really am
and I will never tell because…
no one has to look in my mirror but me


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