Inspiration for the day…

I was on facebook and I stumbled across my cousin’s status: “God determines who walks into your life..its up to you to decide who you let walk away, who you let stay, and who you refuse to let go”.
When I read this quote I begin to think about the people that are/were in my life.. Some have walked out on accident and some I just had to let go. The hardest thing to do is to know when it is time for some one to leave and actually let them go. Its much easier to hold on by a small thread than to free your hands.
We grow up.. we learn… and sometimes we realize that people we have known for years are mere strangers to us. Whether we are trying to grow and do something and they are stuck in the same spot or vice versa, every person serves a purpose in your atmosphere.
Keeping negative people in your corner, no matter how positive you may be, will only make things harder for you. That energy they are giving out will somehow consume you without you even noticing it. Someone who is constantly negative, putting you down, dont have their priorities straight, or not looking out for your best interest/supporting you is a hindrance to your growth.
Letting someone go is not always a bad thing. When you let someone go (whether you put them out or they leave) who is a negative energy  you can see how things begin to change for you once they are out of your life. Its weird because someone does not have to necessarily a bad person or negative energy, it could just be that you both are not on the same page of the book, which also stops your growth.
Letting someone go doesnt mean you have to cut them off completely,sometimes creating a safe distance is all you need. Safe distance is just cutting down the time spent on or with that person down. If you spent everyday with that person, change that to once a week or couple of weeks. Just do what you need to do, safe distance or “cut off” to help encourage yourself for the better in you. Dont let someone hold you back EVER!
Point the finger at yourself now…how are you treating people that are in your corner? That support you? That are there for you? You have to make sure you stand with them and do right by them just as they do you. Without them your universe could shift too, and not necessarily fort he “better”. Hold tight to the ones who show you they are there for you.. trust me they are hard to find!
Its a hard pill to swallow but it must be taken….Analyze those in your corner!


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