Can’t Escape Being Human..

No matter how famous or celebrated (celebrities) someone may be they can’t escape the issues of being human. From the outside looking in we think that “famous” people have it all, that they are perfect, but the reality of it is they’re not.  They have insecurities, downfalls, sickness, emotions and heartache, but for some reason we look at them as though they are inevitable from human qualities. They’re not suppose to go outside without make-up, their skin should be flawless, they should have the most expensive clothes and cars.. but why? Underneath it all they are just like “US”
I thought about this on my way to work. I heard about Tisha Campbell (or Gina as we know her…lol)  is battling the genetic lung disorder Sarcoidosis, the same disease Bernie Mac lost his battle with. Tisha is currently in stage II of the disease and trying her best to stay healthy; it can go in readmission.
A few weeks ago I saw her on the Monique Show and I was looking at her and all thinking  “she has really gotten big, swollen like.” After I heard about her condition it makes sense as to why she has gained weight, the steroids. I had no idea she was batting something like this but I must say she has a beautiful spirit.
Tisha (and husband Duane Martin) oldest son (8 yrs old) suffers with autism.
We need to remember that these people are human, they are going to have bad days and good days. Theya re going to get sick… WE ARE ALL THE SAME!
I am going to keep her and her family in my prayers…


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