My Inspiration for Today..

Again on a facebook adventure I came across my mom’s facebook status…
“What you put into your children’s hearts today influences their character for tomorrow”
Being a parent (in my eyes) is one the hardest jobs one can have, and there are a rare few who can handle the responsibility. You have to always keep your children positive and lead by examples. People are not perfect so we should not expect a parent to be but a parent should always encourage their children, be there for their children, comfort their children, tell their kids they love them, support them, hug/kiss them, just let them know as a parent how much they mean to you (in ALL aspects).
Things that are installed in our heads as children are taken with us in adulthood. Although we don’t want to admit it some of the characteristics that we least want from our parents/guardians are ones that we end up mimicking.  I have watched so many people (including myself) do that same exact thing. Its hard to change those ways because sometimes we dont realize it until its “too late” or we self destruct.
My parents and I go through ups and downs as most do, but I can always look to them for support. There is nothing that I could’ve done without both of my parents pushing me to my point of greatness, and when I would fall, they always caught me! Both of my parents randomly tell me how proud they are of me.. though I am 24 I am still their baby girl so when I know I am making them happy to be my parent it brings a smile to my heart.
I felt inspired by this quote because I think about all that my parents have done for me and still do to this day. The things they installed in me as a child. My dad told me since I was a little girl “In life if there is anything you want don’t depend on anyone to get it for you. If its something that you can’t get yourself or me or your mother can’t get for you, you dont need it.” To this day that I stand by that, I work hard because I don’t want to depend on anyone or anything. “whatever you chose to do, I support you” my mom ALWAYS told me and she shows me that she supports me to the fullest. Knowing I have that form of support makes the process of the lane change I just made a lot easier.
I can’t thank Yolanda & Andre enough! They made me who I am and I will cherish that forever.. They both told me don’t be like them be better than them…The dreams I want the push me to chase them.. I love you both!


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