The Beauty of today…

As I was on my way to work at 6:45 am.. (yikes) I saw the most amazing thing… the sunrise! On my way to work I was definitely in a mood. Not in a bad mood but I just had something’s on my mind, as I do everyday (lol). I heard Donnie McClurkin “We fall Down” on the radio this morning, and I got a little teary eyed. That song never gets old to me, because it is so true! We are WILL fall.. but we have to get up.. even God’s saints are not perfect, they got up which got them to who and how they are today. After the song went off I dried my eyes and though I was still it my head I felt some kind of relief. As I was I turned the corner to the street of my job, right there in front of me was the pinkish purple, orange & blue mixed sky with the beam of yellow under it it. It was the sunrise! The sun was RISING from night’s FALL..

There is always a brighter day! This was my beauty for today, knowing that I was overcoming situations from my past and starting a new day full of new hope(new journey)! Today will be nothing like yesterday if you ALLOW yourself to move forward. When we worry about what yesterday did or how last week was we cant find the joy of today. Open your eyes you never know what you may find in today’s passing’s. 🙂

 This is what I saw this morning… *smiles* The sun was shining directly in my office window, I tried to get a picture but it wouldn’t come out


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