Happy Friday…

Its Friday… *raises glass* I know this weekend will be full of love(for the couples) and clubbing (for the singles..lol) so enjoy whatever you are doing with whomever you are doing it with!
I hope you all have a wonderful safe.. care(ful) free weekend! Less work, more pleasure 😉
“Remember to LOVE YOURSELF! Love your imperfections, kill your insecurities and posses your beauty through a smile… (-liberatedee)

Lady GaGa released her new song off her new album “Born This Way”. The song, also titled “Born This Way”, is about loving and accepting who you are as an individual. We seem to always find something about ourselves that we dont like or that we THINK is wrong. One thing I am learning as I get older, we are all different for a reason, if we were all the same imagine how things would be… *yawn*. There is NOTHING wrong with having your own journey on your own road. If you see someone “different” just accept them and be happy that you two are not the same…You could learn something new/different from someone who seems to be the opposite of yourself… remember you never know where or who you will find insight, knowledge or inspiration from.. give it a try! 

I live for the lyrics but the song really sounds Madonna-esque “Express Yourself” … which is not a bad thing, in hindsight both songs mean the same thing! 


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