Life is short Cherish Today….

Yesterday evening I was talking to friend of mine and she says “something bad tragic happened.”
My heart began to race because I had no idea what she could  possibly been talking about, “OMG what!?” I responded.
She said you remember “Jenna Erickson who worked in the club lounge and she wasn’t here (the Sheraton)  that long?”
I responded, “Yea” in a soft worried tone to hear her say
                                                            “She died in a car accident Saturday!”
My heart just dropped. I was in a state of shock! Though I hadn’t seen her since the summer it still hit me some kind of way.
In the short weeks I spent with her she always had a smile on her face, she was always making us laugh at her stories and jokes, and she was always positive. She was a burst of energy and a true joy to be around. We always knew when she was around because all she did was doodle, she could stand to be I would find all kinds post-it notes or key card packets with swiggly lines and drawings on them..You just never know the impact you will have on someone, and she may never know the impact she left with myself or others that she surrounded. Her free spirit and what has happened to her definitely left and impact on me… just to live free and have fun with life, just as Jenna did!
Just a few days ago I was coming home from the mall a car was in a ditch, the van in front of me slid and then my car slid, I lost slight control of my car. The only thing I could think about after we hung up the phone was “that could have been me!” My family and friends would be in mourning over me because of the inclement weather.
Like my bestie B told me this morning we know that tomorrow is never promised but we never actually think “tomorrow will be the day I’ll meet my maker” and its true… we dont. We put off so many things until tomorrow, next week, or even next month! Its not until it hits home that realize the reality of that quote (“tomorrow is never promised”) that we began to change our ways, for a short while, then we are back to “I’ll do it tomorrow. That can wait until next week. We can try it next month.” We have to grab this thing called life by the hand and live it & enjoy it, especially the small precious moments.
Tomorrow (February 12th) is Jenna’s birthday and homegoing service.  I sent Jenna a facebook message this morning:
                 I know you wont get a chance to check your facebook but I am more than sure you are watching me type this from the heavens.
                 Though I only knew you fro a short while your presence was amazing. You ALWAYS had a smile on your face & I know that you are probably smiling now.
                  Rest in perfect peace you no longer have to worry in this cruel world, you are right  where you belong safe and sound…
                 Happy (early) Birthday & Enjoy your new home. I know you will love it there 🙂
Life is short….Treat it kind


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