My Inspiration for the day…

“God has a way of showing you what path you should take.. we just have to be obedient enough to take it”
                                                          -Dawn Richard
We all get dazed and confused in our lives and sometimes wonder “what should I do?” or “What should I be doing?” so we turn to our higher power (or personal beliefs)and ask for guidance… Every prayer that we send up gets answered, sometimes its the answer that we dont want but its the right for us. Other times its the answer that we dont see or want to recognize.  What we have to remember is life is a choice you are either going to chose option A or option B sometimes there may even be a C and a D, either way you must chose ONE.  Remember that one of those options is the path (answer) to the question you asked… you will see it but you have to have the faith and strength to go along with it.
Pay close attention to what you pray for.. and pray SPECIFICALLY…


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