Back at Monday: Happy Valentines Day!

Happy valentine day cheaters, lovers, friends & liars…
Today is that day where every restaurant will be overcrowded, stores will be full of last minute gift/card buyers. Single people will be bitter & tweet/talk about how much they hate valentines day & fuck love. All the couples will be lovey dovey, full of cheer wishing everyone valentines day…. or those neutral people who are laughing at the bitter people and shaking their heads at the couples who are playing happy because of the date!
I must admit I use to be one of those people who always thought valentines day had to be this overly romantic day and super cheesy. But then I realized… if you don’t have someone who wants or does these things for or with you on a regular day then why would you accept it on just ONE day out of 365 days? Yes it is special to know that there is someone out there that wants to buy you roses, take you out to a nice restaurant, or make “love” to you all night on the one day “holiday” centered around love, but what about the other days? 
If you truly love someone valentines day is not one day a year its every time you see that person, every time you are with that person or every time you talk to that person. You get butterflies when you are about to see them or when the phone rings and its them you smile before you answer…that’s Valentines day!
Finally in 24 years on earth I have realized that… I guess because someone has changed my views 🙂 & shown me what’s its all about…(but we all want at least ONE special valentines day while we are here… we would be lying if we said
How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was just amazing!
oh yea… shout out to the cheesy weddings.. proposals and relationship request that wont last once that suns hit for I’m only joshing.. kinda…
            -the anti-social


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