Maybe our hearts knew

It was a time when love was past tense…
When I didn’t understand what it was 
I know I’ve felt it
But how could something so beautiful cause me so much pain
How could it hurt me so bad?
This four letter word raped my heart
It took no mercy or shame on me
I held it with care but it still went against me
What have I done wrong to it besides love it back?
Dressed in a disguised it smiled at me…
Made me feel good….
So good that i let it back in..
Just to hurt me again…
My tears turned to stress to sleepless nights
Thinking I was just not good enough for this
That I could never please it or make it happy
Just when I got tired of running…
When I threw in the towel
I sat down and looked up…
There was you…
With the same hurt I was feeling
With the same fake smile I was wearing
With the same doubt I was having
About to walk away from it all…
But there was something keeping our hearts afloat
When we didn’t have the strength to move our bodies
Our hearts had the power to beat on..
It was something we could see..
Something our minds just did not know..
Our bodies could not feel it…
But somehow our hearts knew…
 – Liberatedee


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