A true quote…

“Sometimes we have to forget what we feel and realize what we deserve”

I read this tweet on twitter today and it was crazy because just last night my friend and I was discussing relationships and knowing what you want (in a person and relationship).

I think we tend to hold on to situations, people, or things in fear of becoming uncomfortable or failure. Our hearts tend to have a hold on us that we can not always (if ever) control, but when do you realize that your feelings are not in your best interest?

Its a hard thing to do but at times the best way to help your feelings is to cut them off. When I say cut them off I don’t mean stop caring but shift gears and put YOUR HAPPINESS FIRST! It may seem selfish but if your selflessness is being taken for granted or advantage of.. you have to LET IT GO!

Letting go is the harder than getting hurt but once you finally feel the freedom and the happiness of YOU… its all worth it.. I PROMISE! Once you let go of the hurt and pain.. the sunshine appears and the goodness you deserve will too…

What do you deserve that you KNOW you are not receiving?



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