Why Blackface??

To celebrate its 90th Anniversary French Magazine, L’Officiel, has Beyonce’ gracing the the cover! However inside the magazine Beyonce’ is covered in what they are calling “blackface” but its not your typical tar black face and red lips.
This issue is suppose  to honor Nigerian musician and human rights Activist Fela Kuti. But this has many wondering how is this issue paying any kind of homage or respect to Fela if they have her in “blackface” and have no Nigerian females in the article playing the part of the African Queen…

HmmmMm I can’t say that I hate it, but I can’t say that I love it. I dont think the actual images are disturbing but I do think using the term “blackface” is just.. WRONG! I think that if her entire body was covered in brown paint it would have meant so much more, people would actually look at it in different light. I dont think that Beyonce’ meant any harm or offense to anyone, she looks up to Fela Kuti, but I do think that there should have been better direction with the shoot. I don’t think this was a wise decision, yes its Art.. we should embrace that aspect of it but I think if her entire body was covered in brown paint it would have been a lot more Artistic!
Husband, Shawn ‘Jay-z’ Carter, is one of the producers’ of the Broadway show Fela. Unfortunately Fela premiered its last Broadway performance in January 2011, it will be in the UK for 6 weeks during the summer. Lets hope that it comes back to the US for a while I would love to see it!


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