What lies behind an Ad??..

Doing what I do EVERY morning.. looking over various sites to see what’s up in the news and stumbled upon this! (via theybf.com)

When I read this all I could do is put my hand to my mouth and read it over and over and over again. I just could not believe what I was seeing.
After I thought about it this quote popped into my head:
   “What is it about my skin tone that gives “others”the right to make a mockery of me?”
Looking at this ad of course we want to say a white person probably did this, especially because it is placed in SOHO,The reality of it all we did this to our self. African-American Pastor Stephen Broden decided to strategically” place this ad in one of the busiest locations in New York City.  Read the press release about the ad here .
I am VERY curious as to how other races view this billboard……
I can understand his message because African-American abortion rates are so high but the delivery could have been a lot better especially coming from a PASTOR. We dont think about how we look in the hindsight of things. This ad is offensive and if my child were used for the ad I would DEMAND it be taken down immediately. Our rates may be higher but abortion is abortion and whether you are red, yellow, pink or green you should attack the act (abortion) as whole not single out a race! Funny how we never want the race card to be played but we are main ones dealing them out.
Abortion is bad but when an African-American does it, its worst!
Stealing is bad but when an African-American does it, its worst!
Killing is bad but when an African-American does it, its worst!
How come everything we do is automatically called out and shunned upon?  Even when we are wealthy and successful they will find some way to, or at least try to, keep us down… ask Mike Vick!
I am no advocate for abortion for many reasons. I do however believe that as a woman only you can decide what’s right and wrong for you at that time. Can you afford a child? Can you support the child? Are you parent material (because a lot of mothers are NOT capable of being mothers)? Once you are a parent you are one for LIFE, it does not stop after the child turns 18 so it is a decision that should be well thought out, BUUUUT you also should think about your actions BEFORE hand and be responsible before laying down!
Knowing that an African-African American Pastor in his own right stands behind this I dont know or understand how we as a people plan to move forward when in the bigger picture  WE are pushing ourselves back. We are under a microscope and the things we do (and don’t do) are constantly on someone’s detector. How long are we going to blame every other race for our problems? What about our actions? What are we doing that we should/need to change? We need to think back to slavery and civil rights error when we STOOD TOGETHER and brought ourselves out of those situations but we are too busy thinking we are free…
I still stand firmly behind my quote because “others” is meant for you to take it as you want it….


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