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“We Can Do It”

With it being WHM (Women’s History Month) I thought I would share one of my favorite photos…

This is Kelly Rowlands (unfinished) alterego shoot

Quite simple but I think it speaks volumes with everything women have gone through..

I actually want to recreate it in black and white *hint hint* lol.


Spring Cleaning

So today, March 20th marks the first official day of Spring *breaths in a sneezes from pollen*

Around this time everyone is rushing to clean up their houses…trade in their wool coates for colorful cool jackets.. sweaters for t-shirts…but what about the clean up and change of your life?

Are there people that in your life that serve no purpose? Is there dept that needs to be paid? Personal goals you want to accomplish? A job you dread going to every morning?….

Start with the “Spring Forward”

Clean up the “mess” that has been seeming to wear you down. This is something that we should do often but time just flies by and we become content with situations that we KNOW need to be changed. 

Start from the inside and work yourself out. By that I mean start with YOU… Personal goals.. such as eating better, excercising, writing, ect. How can you change as a person? Fingers are easy to point but sometimes we have to point them at ourselves!!

Now for the outside: Those people you “hang” around. Your JOB. Where you live. Your Finances….  by changing YOUr personal issues (inside) those things outside should slowly fall into place because you will have new and better standards then you did before.

Tell yourself that by time summer comes you will be free of those  “issues” that are holding you back in some way.

Dont wait for things to FALL apart… simply think ahead and SPRING forward into change…

Solange makes it RAIN…..

For as long as we can remember Africa has had constant struggles with something we can access so freely, WATER!

Singer Solange Knowles partners up with The Coca-Cola African Foundation’s Replenish Africa Initiative (RAIN) to help raise money to put safe drinking water in Africa. There are so many diseases & lack of sanitation due to how unsafe the water they have actually is.

If this issue persists, over 47 million of Africa’s population will be affected.

To make donations or to dowload Solange’s song please visit:

Special Reminder for the ladies…

“LADIES: Close your legs and open your mind. Value what you have to offer and only offer it to the individual who has earned it.”

Its 2011….sex still sells and we think it conquers all. It truly saddens me when I hear women talk about how they had sex which such & such and its ok because men do it, its just a double standard. YES it is a double standard that, its ok for a man to have sex with millions of women but if a woman has x number of sexual partners she’s a hoe.

But I’m not looking at it from that stand point.

We want more from a relationship. We want to find true love. We want respect….but having sex with just anyone is hypocritical of those desires. How is having sex with every person you meet going to guide to love? Respect? A healthy relationship? There is nothing wrong with “having fun” but there are boundaries that need to be built and never crossed.

Take time and energy to FIND and PLEASE YOU!

Use your body as a temple….not a tool.

Terrence J tweet’s….

I personally find little enjoyment of “following” celebrities. Most are discussing what tour they are going on or “support my movie coming out” which is fine but I rather follow “real” people.

People who inspire.
People with a story.
People who make me laugh.
People who are growing.

If you use 106 & Park to define who Terrence is…you’re wrong! He has a story that everyone with a dream needs to hear. His story is about great sacrifrice that some of us don’t understand.

When we want something you can’t just sit and wait. You have to attack it! Trust me its hard! But the best accomplishments are made by taking a step back to sprint forward.

Though he doesn’t tweet every single day, he always has something postitive & uplifting to say! His tweets hit me today

@TerrenceJ106: The pain, heartache, & obstacles in life always lead to growth, maturity, & a higher level of consciousness and understanding

@Terrencej106: I’m in a state of deep reflection. Grateful for all blessings while analyzing areas in my life that can be improved upon. Growing.

@TerrenceJ106: We often times stand as guards to the imaginary walls that separate us from our own happiness. Step out of your own way.

Everyone has a story… don’t judge a book by its cover!

Quote of the day….

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

We are guaranteed to experience weather changes in our lives. Its up to us to let the situation take us over or take over the situation.

Its easy when the storm hits to sit and watch the pouring rain, the thunder roar & the lightening strike but by watching it happen you are letting the situation take you over & possibly prolonging the issue.

Instead face it full throttle! When dark clouds begin to approch…run outside with your arms wide with your favorite prayer in your head and yell “I’m ready for you!”

Once the rain hits stay right there and… DANCE!

Enjoy the lesson the storm is giving you. Look at it as washing away all the negativity…washing away all the hurt….washing away all the stress… washing away all the pain….preparing you for the sunshine that’s about to appear 😀

Remember….you can plan a pretty picnic but you can’t predict the weather (outcast). So make yourself weather proof! Carry your sunglasses for those sunny days…Have your umbrella for those rainy days…& keep your shovel for the snow days……its bound to come…just be READY!!

Bad Feels So Good

Reb’l Fleur, or rebel flower, is Rhianna’s new fragrance. I can’t say that I’m a fan of celebrity perfume because its more hype about the name/face behind it than the actual scent.They all smell the same…its nothing fresh or new about them! However, I am excited to sample the scent I’m hoping it will be fun and edgy like the face behind it!

“I believe a woman should dare to be different-willing to live her life for herself and not other people. This frangrance is about my passion for induviduality-being expressive and empowering, yes, but also emotional and intriguing. I promise you Reb’l Fleur will not be easily forgotten”

I LOVE this quote!! I pray she delivers….

Which are you…rebel or flower??
Find out!

Here is the commercial::

“Poem For Some Women”

We don’t want to face the reality but this IS the times we are living in. Hard times…struggles.

My dad was telling me a story about a woman he knew (yes in 2011). She has two teenage daugthers. The mother has a male friend he said “I will give you $5,000 to sleep with your daughters” …
Now as a mother my first instict would be to curse him out all sorts of ways, and protect and console my daughters…

BUT she told my dad…. “I’m gonna let him do it”

My dad was so shocked and disgusted, as myself, and he hasn’t talked to her since. He refused to talk to woman who would allow such a thing….

A few weeks ago…at my mom’s boyfriend job they found a dead naked woman. She was on drugs. It appears that she overdosed and instead of reporting it whomever she was with took her body out of the house, stripped her clothes, and dropped her body on the otherside of town…

Its sad…this woman was a sister, a friend, a mother… How do people become so addicted to something [drugs] that they don’t care about there bodies or surroundings?

She was not with people who cared or loved her.

Life is scary… you never know what may happen.. what if her life began like the girl in poem???

Quote of the day…

“Situations may happen but never look at things as ending see every opportunity as a NEW BEGINNING”

As I was getting ready for work this morning my future was on my mind. I must say that I have learned a lot through my 24 (25 on the creep) years. It took sometime for me to realize some things but I am slowly seeing the light.I see that you have look at the positivity in EVERY situation you endure.

When relationships end its easy to focus on “why did (s)he leave me?” Or the thoughts of lonliess…BUT we should recognize that better is on the way. Use the loss of a relationship to make changes to you and prepare for that new, better, & true love that’s coming!

Use that loss of your job as an opportunity to discover your passion. To find a job that makes you want to wake up in the morning eager to go to and be on time!

A friend walks out of life… especially during your time of need. Don’t worry about a replacement because friends are irreplaceable, remember the good times and cherish the moments. Remember all friends don’t belong in your circle, and take this as a time to progress from the person you once was….We grow up and sometimes grow apart.

Take everything as a lesson for BETTER. Its hard trust me I know but the minute you see the positivity, push forward, and start fresh the feeling you will feel is undescribable…BUT it’s an amazing feeling. You will be surpised at what you can conquer….

Happy Friday!

What makes you feel sexy!?

“You can be beautiful but if you’re not secure with yourself you don’t come across as sexy.”

Beyonce will be gracing yet another cover of a UK magazine. In April’s issue of British Cosmpolitan Bey discusses what she did on her “break”, future family, and what makes her feel sexy!

There has been a lot of talk these days about Beyonce and her Louboutin’s! Probably because everytime we see her, she and hubby, Jay-Z are at a basketball game. (I love it!)

I find nothing sexier than to have on a dress, 5 inch heels, clutch, & a beat face while my significant other/date has on a fitted, t-shirt, jeans & sneakers. 🙂

“Put on good music and something that makes you feel great. I love a pair of high, sexy stilettos with a beautiful dress…Never be predictable. Mix it up. Surprise him. Change your hair. Be the woman he knows with a little bit of a twist,” Says Beyonce when talking about feeling sexy.

I too am NOT a fan of a woman always looking the same…from her hair to style of dress she should always look different. People always talk about relationships and say “spice things up in the bedroom” while that is true you should spice things up in everyday life too! Sex is not the only thing that keeps a relationship.

But not every woman is a fan of heels…not every woman is a fan of dresses or make-up, which is fine! It takes the woman to make something sexy not the other way around…but just spice it up! Your confindence plays the key factor. So whatever makes you feel good make sure it breaths, walks, and talks CONFIDENCE!

P.S I have had the same hairstyle for some months now and its getting me!!!!