March Madness

Well its the first of the month again! Didn’t February just fly by….?


I must say I’m very proud of myself! I went an entire month without beef or pork and I must say I don’t miss it in the least bit! I never was big on either of the meats but I did have my love for some foods…I know in the summer its going to be HARD with ribs on the grill *daydreaming* but it will be fine.

It seems like spring time is closer than I thought, the weather has been beautiful! I’m excited I plan on working on my photography skills as the weather gets nice. There is nothing like an amazing photo!! *march goal*

Well with this new month comes new priorities & goals so I will be making my list tonight and you make sure you do the same!

I wish you a Blessed new day. A Blessed New month. & Blessings with your goals!


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