Women’s History Month…

“The emotional, sexual, and psychologial sterotyping of females begins when the doctor says, ‘Its a girl’ ”
-Shirley Chisholm

Black History Month has come to a close (but don’t think the learning has ended) and Women’s history month has begun!

The theme for this month is “Our History is our strength” which is a tribute to all the women who have taken action to help create a better world for theirt times and future generations.

Being a woman, I know how hard it is for women. We are supposed to be the homemaker, caregiver, supporter, lover, friend, manager, cook, cleaner along with any other category you want to put us in. We are STRONG individuals much stronger than men, whether you belive it or not, we are! But for some reason we are looked upon as the weaker sex.

Show me a man and I will show you an even stronger woman….

If you a woman celebrate yourself…not just today or the month of March but EVERYDAY! When you walk past the mirror look in to it, wink and say “Hello Beautiful!!”. Look at every imPERFECTion that you have and smile upon it. For every flaw you have been told you have there is someone who think its simply amazing!! Wake-up and say “(your name) I love you!”. Never wait for someone to say it first. Throw on a dress & heels just because! Do whatever makes YOU happy! Define happiness for yourself!!

What woman or women has/have impacted your life!?

I know with these celebratory months we tend to focus on more “famous” individual but we need to focus on those who have helped us personally along the way.
Have a happy Women’s History Month….

Please visit http://www.nwhp.org for more information


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