Quote/Motivation of the day…

“Some people have seen you at your worst and left you, the ones who stay are the ones who deserve you.”

With today being the second day of the month what better way to continue with your fresh start than to let those who don’t belong go!

We as humans can not escape life..the turmoils… the pain…the hardships its just something that we all have to experience. Unfortunately when you are down is when the strength of those you love or who surround you is tested. If someone believes IN you they will not walk away when your times are dark instead they will share their light with you, keep you motivated not kick you down!

As I tell you time and time again, life is funny! So funny that those we think will build us up and never leave us, in those darkest times, will walk away from us and leave us stranded; And for some reason those are the hardest to let go. Because of the time invested we think that certain people are meant to be in our lives and most of the time that’s furthest from the truth. Embrace every “new” person that walks into your life. Whether it be for a season or a lifetime they may be the ones to share the light…..

Learn who those people are that are not worthy and let them go! Life is too short for unecessary pain….

Enjoy & be Blessed!


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