up in the late night hour….

Its 1:09 in the morning and I’m up! This time lastnight I was knocked out….I don’t know if its the lack of meds or the fact a million and one thoughts are running through my brain.

Its weird when you miss someone it can bring out the worst in you. Or when things around you are not the best we tend to lash out on those who didn’t do a harmful thing to us.

I’m so confused at this moment..I don’t know if I’m hurt, disappointed or worried but I’m definitely something. I feel like I was being battled or that my words were meaningless… I am very snappy and can have the worst attitude in the world but one thing I try not to do is to say hurtful things or things I may regret in the long run.

I am a complicated breed and I try to warn those that try to or wants to enter my circle. I never claimed to be ‘that’ simple girl. Sometimes I can be a bitch! Sometimes I will nag. At times I will seem annoyed. Some days I won’t want to be bothered. I may misunderstand your words. I will want to have my way. I will yell cop an atitude…but at the end of the day I am ME…Dominica.. plain and simple.

I don’t want to go to bed with these thoughts or feelings on my heart but it seems like I may have to…. hopefully I’m able to get some sleep but its not looking too promising from here…


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