“Poem For Some Women”

We don’t want to face the reality but this IS the times we are living in. Hard times…struggles.

My dad was telling me a story about a woman he knew (yes in 2011). She has two teenage daugthers. The mother has a male friend he said “I will give you $5,000 to sleep with your daughters” …
Now as a mother my first instict would be to curse him out all sorts of ways, and protect and console my daughters…

BUT she told my dad…. “I’m gonna let him do it”

My dad was so shocked and disgusted, as myself, and he hasn’t talked to her since. He refused to talk to woman who would allow such a thing….

A few weeks ago…at my mom’s boyfriend job they found a dead naked woman. She was on drugs. It appears that she overdosed and instead of reporting it whomever she was with took her body out of the house, stripped her clothes, and dropped her body on the otherside of town…

Its sad…this woman was a sister, a friend, a mother… How do people become so addicted to something [drugs] that they don’t care about there bodies or surroundings?

She was not with people who cared or loved her.

Life is scary… you never know what may happen.. what if her life began like the girl in poem???


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