Quote of the day…

“Situations may happen but never look at things as ending see every opportunity as a NEW BEGINNING”

As I was getting ready for work this morning my future was on my mind. I must say that I have learned a lot through my 24 (25 on the creep) years. It took sometime for me to realize some things but I am slowly seeing the light.I see that you have look at the positivity in EVERY situation you endure.

When relationships end its easy to focus on “why did (s)he leave me?” Or the thoughts of lonliess…BUT we should recognize that better is on the way. Use the loss of a relationship to make changes to you and prepare for that new, better, & true love that’s coming!

Use that loss of your job as an opportunity to discover your passion. To find a job that makes you want to wake up in the morning eager to go to and be on time!

A friend walks out of life… especially during your time of need. Don’t worry about a replacement because friends are irreplaceable, remember the good times and cherish the moments. Remember all friends don’t belong in your circle, and take this as a time to progress from the person you once was….We grow up and sometimes grow apart.

Take everything as a lesson for BETTER. Its hard trust me I know but the minute you see the positivity, push forward, and start fresh the feeling you will feel is undescribable…BUT it’s an amazing feeling. You will be surpised at what you can conquer….

Happy Friday!


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