Special Reminder for the ladies…

“LADIES: Close your legs and open your mind. Value what you have to offer and only offer it to the individual who has earned it.”

Its 2011….sex still sells and we think it conquers all. It truly saddens me when I hear women talk about how they had sex which such & such and its ok because men do it, its just a double standard. YES it is a double standard that, its ok for a man to have sex with millions of women but if a woman has x number of sexual partners she’s a hoe.

But I’m not looking at it from that stand point.

We want more from a relationship. We want to find true love. We want respect….but having sex with just anyone is hypocritical of those desires. How is having sex with every person you meet going to guide to love? Respect? A healthy relationship? There is nothing wrong with “having fun” but there are boundaries that need to be built and never crossed.

Take time and energy to FIND and PLEASE YOU!

Use your body as a temple….not a tool.


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