Terrence J tweet’s….

I personally find little enjoyment of “following” celebrities. Most are discussing what tour they are going on or “support my movie coming out” which is fine but I rather follow “real” people.

People who inspire.
People with a story.
People who make me laugh.
People who are growing.

If you use 106 & Park to define who Terrence is…you’re wrong! He has a story that everyone with a dream needs to hear. His story is about great sacrifrice that some of us don’t understand.

When we want something you can’t just sit and wait. You have to attack it! Trust me its hard! But the best accomplishments are made by taking a step back to sprint forward.

Though he doesn’t tweet every single day, he always has something postitive & uplifting to say! His tweets hit me today

@TerrenceJ106: The pain, heartache, & obstacles in life always lead to growth, maturity, & a higher level of consciousness and understanding

@Terrencej106: I’m in a state of deep reflection. Grateful for all blessings while analyzing areas in my life that can be improved upon. Growing.

@TerrenceJ106: We often times stand as guards to the imaginary walls that separate us from our own happiness. Step out of your own way.

Everyone has a story… don’t judge a book by its cover!


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