Spring Cleaning

So today, March 20th marks the first official day of Spring *breaths in a sneezes from pollen*

Around this time everyone is rushing to clean up their houses…trade in their wool coates for colorful cool jackets.. sweaters for t-shirts…but what about the clean up and change of your life?

Are there people that in your life that serve no purpose? Is there dept that needs to be paid? Personal goals you want to accomplish? A job you dread going to every morning?….

Start with the “Spring Forward”

Clean up the “mess” that has been seeming to wear you down. This is something that we should do often but time just flies by and we become content with situations that we KNOW need to be changed. 

Start from the inside and work yourself out. By that I mean start with YOU… Personal goals.. such as eating better, excercising, writing, ect. How can you change as a person? Fingers are easy to point but sometimes we have to point them at ourselves!!

Now for the outside: Those people you “hang” around. Your JOB. Where you live. Your Finances….  by changing YOUr personal issues (inside) those things outside should slowly fall into place because you will have new and better standards then you did before.

Tell yourself that by time summer comes you will be free of those  “issues” that are holding you back in some way.

Dont wait for things to FALL apart… simply think ahead and SPRING forward into change…


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