The Moving on…

You had me right where you wanted me… more so better right where I wanted to be..
Every word you spoke was like a song to me..a song that made my heart beat
Our bodies danced a rhythm to African drums
Our souls met and mirrored every want, need and desire of one another
We told jokes that made us giggle…even if we weren’t together
When times got rough we held each other close and slow built  each other up
We fell, but never hit the ground….
You Caught me.. and I caught you
This was a bliss that just felt too perfect for you
But just right to me..
On the same path we traveled we were one in the same
It was everything!
But still made me question: “What was it?”
To the outside I was just your friend
But between us and our hearts we were lovers, our other halves
Out of no where….
We collided…
Into a disaster…
Something so beautiful and Vibrant turned to ugliness and darkness
The love making turned to kisses….
The kisses turned to hugs…
The hugs turned to hand shakes
The hand shakes turned to…..
Quiet Hello’s and silent good byes is where WE ended up..
All because seasons changed…
Feelings of one may have escaladed while the other just faded away or perhaps stayed the same?
What if I wanted more?
But more importantly…
What if I wanted it with you?
Patience is something I dont practice but I found it with you
But I got tired…
Mentally…. Physically…Emotionally
I was forced to walk away…
It was not a want…
But It was a want of wanting more
More than you were willing to offer…
I had to leave…
My heart was thirsty for full time love…
I couldn’t hold on to it…
I dont even know what “it” is.. well was.
My back is turned and I have walked away…
You want to find your way back…
But what if its too late?


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