Monthly Archives: June 2011

The Questions of Love….

Love, like sex, is one of those topics we just wont ever be able to escape. One of the smallest words has the largest impact….Some of the deepest emotions. …And the most least understood!
What is love? Is there even a proper way to define it? Or does it have a color? A taste? Or smell?
How can this 4 letter one  syllable word feel so good if used correctly but hurt so bad when its gone sour?
What do we base Love off of? Our souls? Our hearts? Our minds? Our bodies?
Is it a feeling? or Just a thought?
How do you know when you are in-love or just have love for a person? In hindsight…. is there a difference?
People say love shouldn’t make you cry, so if it does… was it ever that?
Does it expire? How long is it supposed to last?
Is it measured by time?
Can you look for it? Or does it have to just find you?
Is there a proper time and place to say it? Does it just blurt out without hesitation? Or is there a long thinking process of uncertainty?
Does it inspire?
If I lose it… will I know I’ve lost it?
Can people see it on me?
Will I walk differently?
Will my smile somehow appear brighter?
Will I sound differently when I talk?
Do you see it coming? Or does it just hit you?
I cant answer the questions… I just know its a beautiful thing!


Favorite Summer Things….

1. Beach
2. Dresses
3. Sandals
4. cookouts
5. long days
What are your top five favorite things about summer?

First day of Summer!

Though judging by the weather we havent been able to tell  what season  we are actually in but today IS the first day of summer!
I know that although we are all adults this is that time of year we all look forward to. Summer I just think Beach and Travel!
How do you plan on spending your summer doing? Are there goals you need to accomplish? Places you want to visit?
Its a new season.. start it off right!