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Watch the throne… [Documentary]

FINALLY! Jay-z and Kanye West are to release their long awaited album. When they made the announcement, I want to say almost 2 years ago, I was ecstatic! Then they released the single H.A.M and….. then…. nothing! I thought that maybe plans changed and the two decided against the idea but now I see as an artist or a person you have to move when he time is right! And now… the time is right!

I LOVE the way this was filmed… PERFECTION… Kudos Robert Lopuski (director, editor and photographer)

I love seeing artist in their element… I want to experience this one… I mean… I AM going to experience that one day…


Not only will the cd be released August 8th (which is a Monday so it may be 9th) tickets will also go on sale for the tour! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS * as I jump up and down* nothing makes me happier then to be able to see two rappers I love in concert, I love concerts! Can’t like I was hoping for a Jay and Bey Concert but that would have been too much like right… just imagine all the money they would make… smh…




Kelly [Rowland] does the breakfast club

Today Kelly Rowland did an interview with Power 105.1. In the 15 minute interview she touched on a little bit of everything from Destiny’s Child to her relationship with her father. I like Kelly.. I am truly wishing her the best with her album I hope that, unlike her others, this one will be at the top of charts. I am glad that she a Letoya (who we need another album from) are progressing.
I pulled two quotes from the interview. I hope they can be some kind of motivation… corny? lol
“Sometimes as individuals we might see something and be like you know what that’s the goal I want to get there, but do we take the actual steps to get there”
“I’m not complaining. When you ask God for something and he gives it to you in an abundance… I’m not complaining I’m just thankful for the opportunity”

I wish this station wasn’t NY based, I like this group and their interviews are pretty good! 
oh ps.. Kelly also is on the cover of Vibe! 
I love the cover and her makeup is fabu!

Beyonce & her Gay community

Beyonce did an interview with PrideSource
“If anyone is brave and true to themselves, it’s my gay fans. The amount of confidence and fearlessness it takes to do what maybe is not what your parents expect you to do or what society may think is different – to be brave and be different and be to yourself – is just so beautiful. It’s the most beautiful thing you can be, and it’s what we all want to be at the end of the day. And not worrying about satisfying or becoming what other people think you’re supposed to be, that’s like the ultimate dream – to just be that brave.”
I dont like or dislike the interview… It was a little blah in my personal opinion but I am glad she did it and I’m a fan so it made a good read for me! lol

This Morning….

Happy Monday everyone! I hope that you are using this day as a clean slate and ready for a fresh start! 🙂
So I was on my way to work this morning listening to my Beyonce, as always, and at a RED light I happen to open up my facebook. I scrolled down to see my cousin wrote a status:  “as I look back over my life and I think tings over, I can truly say that I’ve been blessed. I have a testimony”
I was ok… signing my Bey… but my thoughts were busy… next thing I knew I was in tears. Just thinking about what I have been through and the path that I am on now. For the first time everything just seems right! It seems that my purpose has been shown to me and I am on the road to conquering it! I am just happy! I am human, of course there are situation(s) that can be better BUT I feel that I am on the path to making those situations change.
Baby steps… I just have to remember…. baby steps!

The Great 27


Is it a curse? Is it a coincidence? What is it? It seems that some of our greatest musicians have died (for numerous reason) at the young age of 27. With Amy Winehouse passing, at the age of 27, the “Curse” of 27 has sparked up again.


Just to name a few:


Jimi Hendrix-


Kurt Cobain (Nirvana)-  


Brian Jones (Rolling Stones)-

 pictured with Hendrix


Janis Joplin-  found dead 3 days Jimi Hendrix’s funeral!


Jim Morrison (The Doors)- 


However we could further break this analyzation down even further: Musicians who died in plane crashes (Otis Redding, Randy Rhodes, Aaliyah, Ricky Nelson, ect.), musicians who died by car crashes, musicians who died by murder, or musicians who died by drugs.  As you can see there are several great musicians that died in accidents and there is no plane curse!


I’m not a believer of curses or things like that. I do believe in fate and coincidences. Some also are calling itSaturn’s Return – is described as influencing a person’s life development at 27 to 29 or 30 yr intervals. I did however find the Saturn’s Return quite interesting and it does make sense to me.


Back to Black….



This Morning Amy Winehouse was found dead in her London apartment. When I heard the news I was shocked!  I was definitely was awaiting another album…  (her comeback tour was to start later this summer).

My prayers are with her family… As a fan all I can do is listen to her music and old performances and remember how great she was! I would have loved to meet her or just take in a show… She was a Virgo so I am pretty sure she was more than amazing (as a person).

People seem to forget that though she may have struggled with an addiction she was HUMAN! But because of her celebrity her personal affairs were forced to the public. In reading some headlines about Ms. Winehouse’s death I think that some reporters/journalist have made a mockery of her problems which is unfair to her, her family, friends and fans! Remember we all have fallen short of something… its just ours are escaped because we are not apart of the celebrated bunch… RIP Amy!

Travel Bucket list

I want to go EVERY place that I can…
I want to learn how to say “Hello! How are you” In every language
I want to step on every beach…
I want to practice every religion
I want to see every statue
I want to walk on every bridge
I want to drive on every road
I just want to go….

My inspiration for the day…

“I dont have to prove anything to anyone, I only have to follow my heart… I RUN MY WORLD”
So I missed Beyonce’s Year of the 4, which premiered on three stations at ONE time, but in true fan fashion I caught it online this morning. Though it was not as long as I would liked it was a true inspiration to me.
Whenever I watch her “documentaries”, interviews, or live concerts and I feel this rush of inspiration, as if she is standing right next to me, its crazy!
From her career, family values, to her relationship (marriage) I think that she one of the top to look up to.
For the last couple of days I have had a career and location change on my mind. I know what I would love to spend the rest of my life doing but there is always that FOF (Fear Of Failing) and starting from scratch.. but the chances of me succeeding out number the failure and I must remember that. I realize that the jobs I’ve had… the the things I’ve done, the relationships I’ve stayed in… were not for Dominica…
I can see it in her smile that she is happy with her life…. I want my smile to speak for me… so from today (July 1, 2011) I HAVE to focus on my smile… I am going to wake up every morning and ask myself  “Am I following my heart? Who will be happy with this decision?”  If the answer is “No” and “Not me”… I’m changing my mind…
Are you following your heart… or is FOF in the way?
There’s so much I want to do… I also took from this documentary that in life you HAVE to take time out and enjoy it! Time waits for no one.. I want to spend a 2 years and just travel…  ❤
Never be afraid to live…..