The Great 27


Is it a curse? Is it a coincidence? What is it? It seems that some of our greatest musicians have died (for numerous reason) at the young age of 27. With Amy Winehouse passing, at the age of 27, the “Curse” of 27 has sparked up again.


Just to name a few:


Jimi Hendrix-


Kurt Cobain (Nirvana)-  


Brian Jones (Rolling Stones)-

 pictured with Hendrix


Janis Joplin-  found dead 3 days Jimi Hendrix’s funeral!


Jim Morrison (The Doors)- 


However we could further break this analyzation down even further: Musicians who died in plane crashes (Otis Redding, Randy Rhodes, Aaliyah, Ricky Nelson, ect.), musicians who died by car crashes, musicians who died by murder, or musicians who died by drugs.  As you can see there are several great musicians that died in accidents and there is no plane curse!


I’m not a believer of curses or things like that. I do believe in fate and coincidences. Some also are calling itSaturn’s Return – is described as influencing a person’s life development at 27 to 29 or 30 yr intervals. I did however find the Saturn’s Return quite interesting and it does make sense to me.



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