Kelly [Rowland] does the breakfast club

Today Kelly Rowland did an interview with Power 105.1. In the 15 minute interview she touched on a little bit of everything from Destiny’s Child to her relationship with her father. I like Kelly.. I am truly wishing her the best with her album I hope that, unlike her others, this one will be at the top of charts. I am glad that she a Letoya (who we need another album from) are progressing.
I pulled two quotes from the interview. I hope they can be some kind of motivation… corny? lol
“Sometimes as individuals we might see something and be like you know what that’s the goal I want to get there, but do we take the actual steps to get there”
“I’m not complaining. When you ask God for something and he gives it to you in an abundance… I’m not complaining I’m just thankful for the opportunity”

I wish this station wasn’t NY based, I like this group and their interviews are pretty good! 
oh ps.. Kelly also is on the cover of Vibe! 
I love the cover and her makeup is fabu!

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