Monthly Archives: August 2011

Baby on Board!


Call me crazy but I KNEW she was going to get pregnant around this time.. Since her release of “4” I kept telling myself King B is going to get pregnant either during her tour of the album or right before… I just felt it… Lol

I can’t say that I am not excited I feel like I am getting a new addition to my life! I am beyond happy for this African-American young successful married couple, it’s almost as if they are complete!

I can’t wait until she really starts rocking her bump I know she will look amazing…

Ps… I think the was she announced this was toooooooooo PERFECT! An interview wouldn’t fit The Caters….

Watch Momma Bey’s performance at the 2011 VMA’s here! Look at how happy Poppa Jay is & Godfather Ye…lol



August ONE!

Well folks.. it’s that time again! Time to restart & refresh! New Month.. New Goals.. New Accomplishments… & NEW YOU! It’s NEVER too late to start Fresh..

Its MONDAY… For some its the beginning of the week so start your week and new month off RIGHT!

After work… go home and write down all the things you want to accomplish this month. Look over all your goals you set for the summer.. How many did you scratch off the list? How many are spilling over to fall? How many just need to be thrown away and forgotten about? Don’t down yourself and if you find that your goals to accomplish list is outweighing your goals accomplished… just RE-EVALUATE! What needs to change so you can get some balance? Are these long-term goals? Am you READY to tackle such accomplishments? There’s a reason you just have to figure it out!

Have a great day folks! 🙂