30 Day Challenge

It seems like September just crept right on up on me without a warning! I didn’t realize the first was approaching so quickly.

I think its important to challenge ourselves… no matter how small or large it may seem a challenge is always healthy! So for the next couple of months I will put myself on the 30 day challenge. The 30 Day Challenge is when I will I chose one thing to do everyday for 30 days.

This month its Water! From September 1st -30th I will drink a liter of water per day. To some people that is a simple task but I get bored with water VERY quickly. I will be drinking other things but I MUST drink a liter everyday.

I noticed a huge difference when I was doing this before but I stopped. What makes this time different? This time I am doing it with a goal and purpose in mind. Repetition is the BEST teacher, from this I want to get to point where a liter of water will come second nature to me. Its mind of matter, I know I can do this!

Day one… legggooooo!


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