Rainy Tuesday

*deep sigh* so the rain made it damn near impossible for me to get out of bed this morning but I did… a little late but hey.. you know that old saying! lol. I feel great today just the million and one thoughts running through my head.. per the usual.

When its raining I just want to snuggle up, watch movies, and eat snacks! It seems to always rain when I have to go to work *thumbs down*.

It seems that summer just up and ran away sheesh what happened to transition? I LOVE the fall/winter fashion is better and the air is cleaner but I hate transition weather. That weather that you don’t know if its going to be hot or cold… if its ok to wear a sandal or a boot… short sleeve or a sweater= transition weather! But I think that’s where we are *sigh* Me being me I always wait until the time comes so now I am stuck between a rock and hard place because I need cute flats! I’m height restricted (aka short) so I need my pants hemmed… clearly I was not ready! Who knew that summer would just up and leave me like this… I thought we had 17 more days of this love affair but I guess not… So I guess I better get to it!

I hope everyone else was prepared because I was NOT! lol


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