Strangers to Friends to Lovers to Strangers….

We lived two separate lives..Searching for something
We have had no clue.
It wasn’t until passing it made a little sense.
We talked all the time and found our commonalities.
We told each other secrets
Shared inside jokes and secret code words.
We Laughed all night at the silly things we’ve done, past and present.
Talked about our dreams and growing up
Then we kissed….
Our hearts touched …
And our bodies connected.
Our nights ended with each others sleepy breathing.
Our days didn’t start until start until a sweet “good morning”
We held hands in public, stared in each other’s eyes and kissed passionately for no reason.
Talked about OUR future….
Then we argued.
The long stares turned to eye rolls.
Passion turned to a quick satisfaction.
The need the… the want to be around each other suddenly seemed rushed and like a waste of time.
The connection fizzled.
The phone calls stopped.
Whenever we talked the awkward silence took over our words.
We are no longer comfortable with each other.
We are asking questions that we use to know the answers to .
We sit right next to one another and feel so alone.
We are now two people searching for something…
Something we had and…


One response to “Strangers to Friends to Lovers to Strangers….

  • Jae

    I love da flow of ya mental :)… you jus described da path of da most lesbian relationshipz.. itz a shame dat we almost alwayz end up here… I hate to lose dat great feelin so quikkly…Seemz like da main thing dat causez dat intense flame to fizzle… iz TRUST… and da question becomez.. y cant we maintain it?

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