sigh* in exactly 2 months it will be a new year. I must say that this year FLEW by, it seems as we get older the time just seems to fly.

Its a new day. New Month. New goals. New accomplishments! My main goal for this month is to lose some (a lot) of weight! I am trying to find a diet that will fit me! So right now I am just incorporating a lot more fruit, veggies, and water into my diet. I have to get my mind together and get up in the morning and hit the gym!!! It will be a challenge but it will and can be done.

I want to lose weight for ME! And that’s something to remember. If you are happy with yourself, and your health is up to par, dont do ANYTHING anyone else wants or think you should do! Trying to please everyone else will leave you lifeless. People look at me and say “You dont need to lose weight” but I am not use to this weight so it seems like its too much. However I do have a love/hate relationship with it..lol.

Some other goals for this month….. I cant share because they are business related and personal! Key of advice: Everyone doesnt need to know everything. Most things are fine kept between you and yourself! But no worries once the goal is complete I will be sharing you all!

Did you make any wishes today??

In the music world Wale’s Ambition album came out. I have not fully listened to it but I am truly proud of him. It seems that the area he comes from are the main ones constantly trying to pull him/down! Being from the DMV I can see what this area lacks.. support! I am not saying go out an buy every album, if you don’t genuinely like his music, but kill the negativity! There’s so much talent in the area but before we congratulate someone for making it we throw stones because we didn’t have the balls to do it!

I am trying to get the link for Trey Songsz… heard some good stuff about Anticipation II!!!!!!!!!!


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