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From a dream to reality

We all have a dream in our hearts and a vision in our head, something that drives our passion! But how many of us actually take the time out to put this vision into reality?


After 12 years working on Capitol Hill Janice Wallace stepped out on faith….She quit her “good” government job to make HER dream come true.. an online magazine. After years of ups and downs… doubts and tribulations..situations and battles on November 25, 2011 Façon Magazinewas born!

Façon Magazine is the new voice of emerging fashion designers! There is so many talented designers, at times they dont get there fair chance but with Facon Magazine they finally have a place to call home.

When I met with Janice the first time I was so amused. The intimidation I feared went away as I listened to her story I found myself empowered and made realized the recent changes I was making in my life were right… for ME! Our situations are so parallel and its truly a blessing for me to be apart of HER dream.

Dont let age, time, situations, people… ANYTHING stop YOU from being who YOU want to be! We were all put here for a purpose… you can sit and be blind to the fact or you can put your running shoes on and chase your dream until its yours….

Thank you for having me apart of your team Janice and congrats again!

Make sure you follow @Faconmagazine and check out the website you are or know any wonderful emerging designers please send an email to