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Miss Universe 2011…..


25 year old Leila Lopes was crowned Miss Universe (Angola). Leila will be the first Angolan and fourth African woman to hold the title. She has hopes to help Angola escape a history of war and impoverishment and plans to focus on fighting HIV around the world.

Seeing this made me think back to A Brown Girl’s Tale, a time when I didn’t think I was [as] beautiful. This makes me so happy to see someone who looks like me on that stage. To see someone who speaks like my ancestors on that stage. She was asked if she could change a physical trait about herself, what would it be and why she responded:

“I’m very satisfied with the way God created me and I wouldn’t change a thing.”

I hope that all the young girls out there was watching this and realizing what she is saying! KNOW you are beautiful, you were created that way… dont let anyone tell you, you are would look better like this or you should try that… You are perfect just the way you are!


They are saying this is the answer that got her the “win”! Though I believe she truly feels this way about herself I think it will probably become a trend for next and future years pageants!

Shes a beautiful girl!