Touring America OPI Fall 2011

Well since the weather is taking us there we might as well FALL right into the swing of things.. Summer is ending so its time to trade in those bright nail polishes for dark, deep and rich! Opi is my FAVORITE nail polish brand. From the names to the colors I love them! The Fall 2011 Collection is Touring America. Each color is inspired from a city and state I think that’s pretty cool! I would like to know where they found the inspiration for the colors, cities & names to coincide.

While the collection remains colorful it still has the fall feel to them because of how deep the colors are. See ladies, you can still keep your color but just tone down the brightness!


So far my favorite, by glance, is New York inspired “uh oh roll down the window”, a dark deep green from a far it could pass for a greenish grayish color. I cant wait to try these!!



A Brown Girl’s Tale….

A Brown Girl’s Tale….

Kelly Rowland covers the fall (2011) issue of Runway Magazine. In the magazine she shares her struggles growing up with her complexion.
“There’s so much peer pressure growing up, I had an identity crisis. I went to a predominantly white school and I was the only black girl. I can remember thinking: ‘I don’t want to be as dark as I am – I want to be a little fairer.’ I didn’t want to be me…Tina sat me in front of the mirror and said: ‘Girl, look at how pretty you are.’ She made me feel comfortable in my own skin.”

Though my schools weren’t predominately white I did struggle with my complexion. The crazy thing is no one ever called me ugly or made me feel otherwise as a child, it was just something I felt.

I remember not wanting to go out in the sun in fear that I would get a tan. I just didn’t want to get any darker. I had some kind of jealousy or envy towards my lighter friends and classmates. I found myself only being attracted to guys that were either light skin or Spanish. At times I felt out of place when I was with my mother and grandmother because they were lighter. I didn’t understand why I was so dark and they weren’t and I felt like everyone thought the same.

One day in school someone told me “dark skin girls remind me of hood rats.” When I heard that I didn’t not take it heart or believe it but I was hurt as to why someone would think or feel like that, especially because it was lighter friend. I did argue as to why that was a dumb thing tot think, and say, and how un-factual it was. I don’t think they understood the ignorance of their thinking, which is fine because I did not allow that it make matters worse…… (Maybe that was the beginning of my embrace? hmmm)

But like most things, places and things I outgrew those thoughts. I LOVE who I am. I love sunny days and the beach. It still seems crazy to me that I, who use it hate the summer because of the sun, actually goes to the beach to tan. I am in love with my chocolate sun kissed skin! I find nothing sexier than the many shades of dark skin.

I don’t understand what made me feel those ways I use to feel but knowing Kelly’s feelings I wonder if this something all dark skin females go through? Do we all struggle with being comfortable in our skin? Do we all wonder why… or wish we were?

As women we HAVE to embrace, love and cherish everything about us. We have so many beautiful things to be grateful about and appreciate about us. If you are struggling with you complexion, your curvy figure or thick hair…. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! Embrace those things that make up who YOU are. YOU have to love yourself first and until you do no one or thing will make you happy. EVERY TIME you look in the mirror or pass your reflection say ” I am beautiful!” (yes I actually did this… but for another reason for another blog…lol) but it REALLY works! After a while it won’t be something you are just saying it will be something you know.

Stay Strong Beautiful Girl….. xoxoxo


I’ve always thought Kelly was gorgeous… she has a great personality too!

SmartWater’s delicious new face

Idris Elba, who recently celebrated his 39th birthday, will be the face of SmartWater for there Fall Campaign. According to USA Today the ads will run in issues of GQ, Essence, and Men’s Journal Magazine.

I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol and I love smart water so this makes me happy in so many ways 🙂



Figuring it out…

I wrote this about a year or 2 ago.. But I found it randomly… Good shit though! Lol

Maybe the problem lies within me. Maybe I have done something wrong to make things be this way! I don’t know what to say and if I knew what to say im not sure if I would know how execute the words…
When I step into things I try to give my all but my definition of all is never good enough for them..
I give too much of my heart and in the end that shit gets pulled out stepped on, stomped on and shitted on..
All I ask is for a little bit of honesty and if I don’t get what your saying ill ask “why?” but that questions seems to be a SAT question to most…
I ask why and you either can’t answer or you have to take time out to come up with one, maybe if I broke it down in multiple choice you would get it?
Yea im hurt I can admit that but now im asking myself “why?”..
Why be hurt over something that I told myself not to get too deep with?
Why be hurt over something that held back so much?
Why be hurt over something that I did not ask for?
Why be hurt over something that I KNEW would hurt me?
Is it my fault?
Always ending up in the same situations with the same kinds of people..
Not a relationship..
No but could’ve been
Something special?
Very much! It WAS very special.
For 2 years I did construction on myself…
To make me realize that im better off this way and im happy with it just being
And I am,
But of course
And just when I think I don’t give a fuck, something comes along
Something shows me something different..
But it scares me, like a child im starting over again
I feel..
Scared, nervous, anxious, needy, wanted, happy, excited..
Since the last one no one has had the ability to make me feel like I did.
But with all of these feelings I told myself,
Don’t get too close to something, something has hurt many and you won’t be an exception
Something reassured me that everything is ok, its not trying and wont hurt me..
But my gut says different..
Gut is usually right..
But the way im feeling is too good to just walk away, im going to TRUST that everything is everything…
This was a breath of fresh air..
It was different what has been happening to me…
The feeling is just…indescribable
I couldn’t put the words to it but the emotions could show it all..
Something pulls away…turns on me like an animal
Did something get scared?
Or was I getting too wrapped up in this?
But things are great..
And if it came down to it, would I give my all to something?
In a heartbeat…
Not at all..
Then something turns to nothing,
Im not feeling appreciated, wanted, or needed..
Instead now im confused && lost
The end has approached
But so quick?
Trying to figure it out…

For the Children

On my way to work I was listening to the radio and of course the latest in the rumor mill is that Will and Jada Smith are getting a divorce. I am still on the fence about my belief towards this but at first I thought it was just that… a rumor. However with this still being very evident in the Hollywood gossip news I’m starting to think (sadly) there may be some truth to it. Now the latest is they are trying to stay together for the children, so the radio asked a very good question: Do you think its healthy, or right, to stay together for the children? It seems that when gong through a divorce, especially when children are involved the adults seem to think its best for them to stay to cause less confusion in the children.

One thing about a relationship a child or children can not change what is or is not there. I have seen women have children to try to keep their marriages together, I have seen situations where the woman only kept the child if the man was willing to marry her and I have seen situations where because there is a child involved the couple tries to stick it out and unfortunately the product of those children are not the best. The self esteem seems to be low, the marriages seem to be distant, there is resentment in the kids toward their parent(s), and in some cases children are forced to grow up too fast and latch on the wrong people because they are not getting the attention they deserve.

I think couples look at children as a bond that can never be broken, which is true but if the only thing you two share in common is the child, when do they see you happy? What is healthy about hearing mom and dad argue when I’m trying to sleep? What is healthy about daddy/mommy always out with his/her friends? What is healthy about seeing my parents smile only when they are not in the presence of one another? What is healthy about hearing mommy/daddy complain about how unhappy they are to family and friends? People tend to forget kids are SMART! They know when their parents are hurt or when something is just not right. A child is ALWAYS listening.

Being a product of a single parent I think that it was the healthiest way for me to grow up. I have a great relationship with BOTH of my parents and they have a great friendship with each other. I have seen what it’s like when they argue or get tired of each other, just imagine if they would have stayed together for me, I would have witnessed the arguing and unhappiness on a daily bases which would have probably caused friction in all three of our relationships. It also would have effected my personal relationships as I got older. The most amazing thing about my parents is they have NEVER downed or talked about one another in my presence. My dad tells me how great my mother is and my mother tells me how wonderful my dad is, which is also important. Don’t talk down about the other parent in front of your child, no matter the age. I am 25 now and I would be HURT if I witnessed my parents doing that. Just because the love has faded does not mean that (s)he is not a good parent and you should force your child to feel the same as you feel about that person.

So to answer the question… NO I don’t think it’s healthy to hold on to a marriage (or relationship) for just the sake of the children. I think that’s a selfish act because you not looking at things from the children’s perspective. What’s wrong with sitting down and explain to the children? I know that at some ages it still doesn’t make sense to them but you keep explaining and explaining until they understand. Come to an agreement so the parenting styles and rules wont change. Just make sure equal time is spent and they see you happy and uplifting one another. Show them that just because mommy and daddy are not together anymore they still share a great friendship!

Rainy Tuesday

*deep sigh* so the rain made it damn near impossible for me to get out of bed this morning but I did… a little late but hey.. you know that old saying! lol. I feel great today just the million and one thoughts running through my head.. per the usual.

When its raining I just want to snuggle up, watch movies, and eat snacks! It seems to always rain when I have to go to work *thumbs down*.

It seems that summer just up and ran away sheesh what happened to transition? I LOVE the fall/winter fashion is better and the air is cleaner but I hate transition weather. That weather that you don’t know if its going to be hot or cold… if its ok to wear a sandal or a boot… short sleeve or a sweater= transition weather! But I think that’s where we are *sigh* Me being me I always wait until the time comes so now I am stuck between a rock and hard place because I need cute flats! I’m height restricted (aka short) so I need my pants hemmed… clearly I was not ready! Who knew that summer would just up and leave me like this… I thought we had 17 more days of this love affair but I guess not… So I guess I better get to it!

I hope everyone else was prepared because I was NOT! lol

Dear Love

Dear Love,

So many times you have walked out on me and made me feel like I was nothing. You yelled at me, made me feel low. You left me when I needed you the most. You spoke the most hurtful words to me, only for me to forgive you because of who you were. I cant count on two hands how many times I questioned your presence and doubted your existence. Love was not suppose to feel this way. Why would love make me shed so many tears? Why would make me lose sight of myself? Why didn’t love believe in me?

I hate you! No I dont… but I should. When is the last time you made me smile? I cant remember you telling me I was beautiful or wanted to take me out. You never appreciated me, you kept me a secret. Did I mean anything to you? Of course you said I did but you showed me opposite.

I want to apologize to you. For so long I thought it was you who was hurting me. I thought it was you who was mistreating me. I thought it was you wasn’t ready. I thought it was you who lied. It took some time but I realized it wasn’t you, it was those who didn’t know how to use you. The ones who never understood your language and the way you work. The ones who didn’t know your purpose.

How do I know this? Because I finally met you. In meeting you I understand that my heart is supposed to smile, not just my face. That the tears that I shed should come from happiness. That there is nothing that cant be accomplished in your presence.

I love you… and I can say that now and not have any fear in my heart…

– Heart

30 Day Challenge

It seems like September just crept right on up on me without a warning! I didn’t realize the first was approaching so quickly.

I think its important to challenge ourselves… no matter how small or large it may seem a challenge is always healthy! So for the next couple of months I will put myself on the 30 day challenge. The 30 Day Challenge is when I will I chose one thing to do everyday for 30 days.

This month its Water! From September 1st -30th I will drink a liter of water per day. To some people that is a simple task but I get bored with water VERY quickly. I will be drinking other things but I MUST drink a liter everyday.

I noticed a huge difference when I was doing this before but I stopped. What makes this time different? This time I am doing it with a goal and purpose in mind. Repetition is the BEST teacher, from this I want to get to point where a liter of water will come second nature to me. Its mind of matter, I know I can do this!

Day one… legggooooo!

September One…

So today is the first day of September.. you know what that means…


This month is a wonderful month for many reasons.. My Four fav Virgos Birthdays are this month (Brittney, Shelley, & & Amy Winehouse). My cousin will be adding a new baby boy in to the family. This month (on the 23rd) will begin my favorite season.. FALL..

I feel like there will be plenty of great opportunities happening this month and many changes (for the better!) I am uber excited to see what this month has to offer. So as I do Every first of the month I will be going home to write out my goals for the month (yes I should have had them done yesterday but I worked over 12 hrs yesterday.. I was beat!)

So what do you look forward to this month??

Baby on Board!


Call me crazy but I KNEW she was going to get pregnant around this time.. Since her release of “4” I kept telling myself King B is going to get pregnant either during her tour of the album or right before… I just felt it… Lol

I can’t say that I am not excited I feel like I am getting a new addition to my life! I am beyond happy for this African-American young successful married couple, it’s almost as if they are complete!

I can’t wait until she really starts rocking her bump I know she will look amazing…

Ps… I think the was she announced this was toooooooooo PERFECT! An interview wouldn’t fit The Caters….

Watch Momma Bey’s performance at the 2011 VMA’s here! Look at how happy Poppa Jay is & Godfather Ye…lol